Clickable Institute offers a variety of courses and opportunities - specializing in veteran job training and entrepreneurship.
Choose your own and enjoy!

Three Ways A Corporation and/or Individual Can Donate:

  • Sponsor Veterans to go back to school at Skaled Sandbox to obtain quality jobs such as cybersecurity, software dev bootcamps, structural engineering.
  • Sponsor Veterans to help deal with their physical, psychological and mental well-being (e.g., TBI, PTSD, depression, suicide prevention) so they can go back to school and/or obtain quality jobs using the healthy, natural treatment method without using drugs and/or narcotics/opioids — Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT).  For more information on HBOT, go to Team Veteran Foundation at .
  • Sponsor children of Military and Veteran families to access quality private education from K-12.  Clickable Institute is an approved School Tax Organization (STO).  The donor (corporate and/or individual) gets a dollar tax credit back for each dollar donation ($1 donation = $1 tax credit).

For more information, contact Judy Onghai, Ph.D. , CEO/Founder, jonghai(at) .