Mission Statement:

Clickable Institute of Technology, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is part of Silicon Canyon Technology Center located in Central Phoenix, AZ. Our vision is to be the Silicon Valley for the Veterans. We strongly believe in the business of doing good and of using technology as a great equalizer for social good. Thus, our mission is to maximize the potency of technology to level the playing field for the disadvantaged members of our society with a special focus on our beloved Veterans. We want to empower and improve the lives and conditions of our Veterans by giving them access to cutting-edge technological innovations coupled with entrepreneurship training and/or workforce development by way of training and/or retraining. Doing so would only make our Veterans become more effective, relevant, skilled and ultimately experience success in today's entrepreneurial and/or workforce environments.

To fulfill our mission, Clickable Institute offers the following programs:

1. Clickable Institute Veterans Entrepreneurship Startup Program

Statistics show that 45% of the veterans are more likely to become self-employed than non-veterans. Clickable Institute truly believes that given the right environment and support, our Veterans can become very successful job creators. Thus, Clickable Institute has created a Veterans Entrepreneurship Startup Program. It consists of the following features:
  1. access to Looksmart technology, datacenter and Clickable PPC automated digital marketing solutions -- platform, products and services and access to the Looksmart/Clickable ecosystem.
  2. startup space/office in the Phoenix building
  3. entrepreneurship, leadership and management training, mentoring and support
  4. outsourcing solutions for website hosting, website development, office administration and operations, accounting, tech support, etc
  5. assistance to access capital markets, venture capital, fundraising, etc.

2. Workforce Development, Leadership and Management Training Programs

In addition to the Entrepreneurship Startup Program, Clickable Institute also offers workforce development training and leadership/management programs for the following industries to start:
  1. Automotive Training Center on different areas of expertise:
    1. Sales
    2. Business Development Center
    3. Accounting
    4. Credit/Financing
    5. Special Financing
    6. Fixed Operations and Technical Services
  2. Digital Marketing
    1. SEO and PPC Management (Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo)
    2. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram
  3. Personal Development and Well-Being --- Successful Mindset Program
  4. This program is to prepare returning Veterans go back to civilian life. It would teach them how to effectively deal with their mental, emotional and psychological stresses and roadblocks (e.g., anxiety/stress/PTSD), as well as promote and maintain their psychological and mental well-being.

3. Job Databank for Veterans and Employers

This is a job database/ job site that connects veterans and companies for various positions (e.g., C-levels, digital marketers, social media marketers, car dealerships positions).